This is a set of technical instructions to help you set up everything you might need for your Statistics classes (e.g. R, RStudio, LaTeX) on your local machine.

Instructions for both Mac and Windows operating systems are included, as well as plenty of screenshots to make the process easy to follow. Instructions for Linux distros are not provided, but presumably if you use Linux you’re knowledgeable enough about computers to be able to figure out stuff on your own.

Installing R (for MacOS)

Before starting out with the Mac instructions, please make sure you have the XCode Developer Tools installed. XCode is available on the Mac App Store, so installing it should be quick and easy. After you’ve done that, you can proceed with the instructions below.

If you already have R installed, skip this section and go straight to installing RStudio. To check whether or not you have R on your machine, open the Terminal and type:

R --version

If you get a command not found error, that means you don’t have R installed and you can proceed with the steps below. If R is already on your machine, it’s best to make sure you have the latest version - if your version is lower than 4.0.2, it might be a good idea to do a fresh reinstall of R.